What is Positive Psychology?

Positive psychology is the science that studies how our life can improve and acquire more meaning.
It is the new focus of psychology which enhances well-being through cultivating our positive emotions, human relationships and the ability to achieve goals.
It focuses on the subjective experience of the individual in relation to their experiences and emotions. It helps people recognize their negative emotions, focus on the positive ones and come up with creative solutions. It is the science that studies the positive aspects of our lives and the character strengths of one’s personality.

Positive Psychology

Basic principles of Positive Psychology

Applied positive psychology has been scientifically nurtured and proven.
It focuses on what goes well in life and what creates a life full of meaning.
It was born as a complimentary pillar of traditional psychology. It is the fourth wave of psychology.
It focuses on our strong characteristics without diminishing the importance of enhancing our weakest points. These two are equally important.
The basic focus of positive psychology is on the six well-being pillars (PERMAH model).
It focuses on the tools that give us solutions.
Pillars of positive psychology are:
psychological flow the way Μihaly Csikszentmihalyi defined it, mindfulness, learned optimism as defined by Martin Seligman, the character strengths as defined by Seligman and Peterson, as well as intrinsic motivation with Self-Determination Theory (SDT) being its core theory.
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It is based on the systematic practice any one of us can actively engage in.
We can control how we react in various circumstances.
Internal happiness and balance are things we create and they do not just happen on their own.
Complimentary it is implemented by psychologists for various pathological cases.
Positive Psychology
“Contrary to what most of us believe, happiness does not simply happen to us. It is something that we make happen…”

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, co-father of Positive Psychology

What is our approach?

We take the little and often approach.
We understand that we all have busy lives and an overloaded daily schedule. In order to help acquire a growth mindset and a Positive Psychology approach, we give small pieces of work and frequent reminders which help build towards a gradual change of every individual’s way of thinking and eventually change the culture of the organization we are working with. This will ensure a smooth flow of experiential activities without taking too much of our valuable time.
Through using Positive Psychology tools, human flourishing becomes a seed for a thriving society.

Positive Psychology

Why is Positive Psychology relevant to all of us?

We are all here with a common goal, and the common goal is to find ways that improve our lives overall, increasing our levels of well-being, building solid relationships and developing a new more flexible way of thinking. Essentially, we’re talking about a growth mindset that helps us deal with daily challenges… Imagine, how would it be if at school we were taught more than just the typical teaching material?

How would it be to also learn about how to live a life full of meaning, satisfaction and happiness? How would it be if we also focused on developing the well-being of parents, teachers and employees in a school or in an organization? Imagine a hospital where there would be material and Positive Psychology educational programs to help nurses and doctors, patients’ parents and patients themselves focus on the positive aspects and use those as tools to cultivate resilience and recovery.

How do we plan on helping?

The idea based on which we have built the Human Flourishing Movement is that people can flourish through frequently and actively practicing gratitude, courage, leadership, kindness, mindfulness, self-presence, while cultivating, developing and spreading resilience and sense of meaning for themselves and for others.

It is true that the attempt to help people elevate their well-being and cultivate a stance towards life that leads to self-development takes time. Respectively, our mission is to cooperate with various organizations on a long-term basis in order to trigger a holistic cultural shift towards well-being, aiming to improve life quality of all people that are part of these organizations – both at work and at home. And we aim to helping them both on an individual level and as part of society as a whole.

Positive Psychology