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a Positive Psychology society of continuous learners

In this community we learn about wellbeing, we cultivate mental and physical balance and connect with others who do the same.

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Become part of the change you want to see in the world!

Evolve with the help of field experts

Meet likeminded people

Acquire meaningful knowledge on Wellbeing

What the community offers

The members of our Positive Psychology Society can enjoy scientific material based on applied Positive Psychology in the form of e-learning courses, online and offline workshops hosting experts as well as interact and network with other members through joining fun events that promote wellbeing.

Through joining, our members get access to valuable scientific information that can help them flourish, evolve and connect with others who share a similar mindset.

Embrace Positive Psychology and improve the wellbeing of your organization.

We offer Positive Psychology tools and scientifically proven interventions in the form of educational material, seminars and special programs. Our purpose is to help society cultivate resilience and learned optimism in the field of education, health and corporations.


Real People & Positive Change

Meet like-minded people and share your thoughts and interests on Wellbeing topics!

Experience unique events, seminars and artistic workshops hosting speakers from all around the world.

Join us today!

Member Benefits


  • Positive Psychology & Practical Philosophy lessons
  • PERMAH wellbeing survey
  • Wellbeing calendars from the Choose love Movement
  • Events & seminars with guests from all around the world *
  • Connect & exchange views with all other community members

*Availability depends upon attendance